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Typo Prohibited by Court to sell its $99 iPhone Case

Having proven in a San Francisco court that Typo is violating the rules, popular mobile phone manufacturer, BlackBerry has been able to stop Ryan Seacrest’s company from selling ...

Facebook Aims at Expanding Internet Access in the World through Solar-Powered Drones

In order to expand and ameliorate Internet access around the globe, social media giant, Facebook is making serious attempts of using solar-powered drones. To pursue this goal, Mark ...

Oculus Fans Not Happy after News of the Company’s Acquisition by Facebook

After news that Facebook is acquiring Oculus Virtual Reality for a whopping $2 billion, many of the virtual reality hardware firm’s fans are displeased and some of them have vowed ...

Mark Zuckerberg Faces Criticism After yet another Expensive Acquisition

Several technology gurus are slamming Facebook’s policy of paying billions of dollars to acquire smaller companies and feel that the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark ...

Google Starts Using Encryption in Gmail to Counter Surveillance Issues

Reacting to continuous revelations about various US surveillance programs, technology giant Google has decided to use encryption for its popular Gmail service. In a blog post, the ...

Google Launches Android Wear

Google has launched Android Wear, a latest platform designed especially for portable gadgets such as smart watches. Considering the expected increase in manufacturing of portable gadgets ...

Jan Koum Denies Rumors About any Changes in WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy

Responding to concerns shown by WhatsApp users about the messaging app’s privacy policy after its acquisition by Facebook, the app’s founder, Jan Koum said that WhatsApp remains ...

Apple’s Working on a High-Profile Fitness App

Apple is reported to be working on a fitness tracking application called Healthbook, which is likely to be a part of iOS 8, and will possess sections that keep a check on heart rate, ...

Amazon Increases the Subscription Charges of Prime Membership to $99

Amazon, one of the leading online retail stores of the world, has become more expensive, as the price of the Prime Membership has been raised from $79 to $99; whereas, the student ...

Apple Improves Efficiency of its Devices through iOS 7 Update

Apple brought about first major change to its smartphone and tablet operating system since the launch of iOS 7 last September by releasing iOS 7.1 earlier this week for iPhone, iPad, ...

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