Google’s Entertainment Device To Be Given Free After Google Delays Shipment

Google nexus qIn July Google announced to unveil their home entertainment system, Nexus Q in New York. Google has apologized for the delay and they are going to give surprise to those people who ordered the Nexus Q few days back. But the exact date on which the Nexus Q will be available in the US market is not yet announced by Google, Nexus Q will be priced around $299 in the US market.

Apple has a small ball shaped TV in market it is capable of showing movies and music shows if there is internet connection available. Nexus Q is ball shaped and has the same capacity but the price is a little on the higher side as compared to the Apple TV which is sold at only $99.

Nexus is a social streaming device according to Google and it is able to send YouTube materials to speakers and TV that can be controlled by android powered smart phones.

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