Survey Reveals, Smartphone Users Report More Problems Than Feature-Phone Users

Smartphone UserA recent survey has revealed that, almost 9 of U.S adults are having a cell phone and they are facing a lot of problems with them. A new research is done by the pew internet and American life project which says that, nearly three-fourths of Smartphone users are having dropped call problem occasionally.

Again, about 70% of U.S cell users get unwanted marketing text or phone calls which are quite irritating. And this thing happens almost once a week. Slow data connection is a bigger problem for the Smartphone users. A research by pew revealed that, on an average eight out of ten people experience slow download speed occasionally.

Currently half of the U.S cell phone users are using Smartphone. According to pew, in comparison to Smartphone users, feature phone users report fewer problems although they have lower download speeds. It can happen because of the fact that the feature phone users may have lower expectations.

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