Attackers Get Access To Journalist’s iCloud Tricking Apple Tech Support

iCloudA writers iCloud account was successfully hacked by attackers last week. They were able to wipe out the journalist’s iPhone, Macbook air and iPad, and also were ble to compromise his Gmail and Twitter accounts.

In a blog post Mat Honan talked about the mishap. He said that, some attackers got into his iCloud account and changed its password at around 4:50 PM. He used a 7 digit password which was not used by him anywhere else.

His Gmail account also got hacked. His backup email address for Gmail is the .mac email address. The hackers sent a Gmail password revival email to his .mac account at 4:52 PM and he got a notifying email just two minutes later that his Google account password is changed. And consequently the attackers had  wiped out his iPhone at 5:00 PM, iPad at 5:01 PM and MacBook Air at 5:05 PM.

The attackers call themselves group VV3 had changed all subsequent information in his Apple account so he failed to verify his account with Apple on his phone and was unable to discontinue the wiping process.

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