Tech Giant Apple Concerned Over iCloud Security

Apple iCloudApple has decided to improve their security measures as recovery of iCloud password. These toughen security measures are taken because of hacking journal’s profile. And that incidence has been taken as a threat for Apple users in their digital life. As a remedy of this crisis, next time when the service will be resorted more stringent security policy would be taken. And the Cupertino firm has already taken steps on that concern.

In a statement one of the Apple’s spokesperson mentioned that, they have stopped the ability to reset the Apple ID password temporarily over the phone. For this, the users will have to provide more security questions and stronger identity verification for resetting their password.

Apple is further concerned in taking effective policies when journalist Mat Honan has surprisingly noticed his digital life is destroying in front of his own eyes. Exactly what policies are going to take by Apple is unclear; in fact Amazon has already made a change to their system to suspend this type of attack.

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