Review: Ice Breaker Hockey Game, Cheats, Walkthroughs


Ice Breaker Hockey is another interesting iPhone game that presents the pleasure of playing ice hockey in a setting that is almost like a real game. This iPhone game involves a lot of challenges especially to move from one end of the ice to another. The game of Ice Breaker Hockey is almost similar to the earlier introduced iPhone game ‘Backbreaker Football’. However, it is not just about replicating skills in a real hockey game.

Created in the genre of puzzle or reaction game, Ice Breaker Hockey enables players to control the basic points of the game by using tilt controls, which in turn helps in turn and touch controls of the various techniques used for playing the game. Once you leave behind your opponents, you can score a shot on the net. It, in fact, depends on the way you dodge the opposing team because you can score more if you dodge them smartly. This will also give you better rating after each ten levels of the game.

As far as layout of the game is concerned, the challenges put forward are same, but the twist for the player is to find out the most helpful and high scoring path. This is where the puzzle lies.

Despite the challenges involved in the game, Icebreaker Hockey is an amusing, fast and fun game.

Cheats in the game include noting position of opponents and site of the bonus squares
The player gets four lives per run, so no need to pass a wave in the first attempt.
Be carefull of the passed opponents. They might recover and attack from behind.
If too close to the goal, the goaltender can stop you. So prepare for long shots.

For Ice Breaker Hockey, the walkthrough is available in the form of a walkthrough guide that offers solutions for each level by means of videos, hints, tips, and cheats. Moreover, the guide also provides all the secrets involved in the game and hints to pass each level smoothly.

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