Google To Integrate Gmail Into Search Results

Google Blends GmailGoogle is on the way to create an information bridge between its vastly used Gmail service and its popular search engine. This idea of Google would deliver personal responses more quickly ever than before.

The feature would give the opportunity to find any corresponding information tied to a particular Gmail account. For example, searching for Amazon will give results corresponding to the Gmail account and will pull the mails sent on the  shipping information. That information will definitely be helpful for the users.

These Gmail results will be shown at the right side of the search engine page, even some result will be seen directly extracted by email. For example, searching for “my flight” will give the exact airline informations stored in the Gmail account.

In fact, Google is the commanding search engine but they are threatened by the social networks such as Facebook. As these social networking sites are now disclosing user  information as per user needs.

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