Gauss Malware Raises Concerns For Middle East

Gauss MalwareThe recent malware threat Gauss is already treated as a threatening computer virus throughout the Middle East. This malware is specially designed to hack bank account credentials and gather as much as relevant information as possible.

Gauss’s main purpose is to steal bank accounts and information Citibank or PayPal.

Kaspersky, the main aim of the virus is not only to steal but also to spy.

Gauss affects mainly the operating system of Windows 32-bit version that is separated by spy module and can be used for collecting information from 64-bit operating system. Infections are mainly spread in Windows XP and Windows Vista. In fact, some modules do not affect the Linux machines and Windows 7 service pack 1 and therefore these two Operating systems are treated as safe. In a supervision of Kaspersky this malware started infecting in September last year but stopped at July, 12 and the general users are not threatened by this malware anymore.

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