Battery Of Apple iPhone 5 Battery May Just Be Smaller Than Expected

iPhone 5 BatteryApple is going to introduce their next version of iPhone, iPhone5 earlier in the next month. Some pictures of parts, battery, pieces are widespread over the web. The last image that leaked out is that of a battery of the iPhone 5.

Sourced from 9to5Mac; in these pictures it is found the battery for the new installment is a little narrow with a few markings on it. It shows a similar size and shape compared to the ones used in iPhone 4/4S.

As suggested by 9to5Mac, the lithium battery used is rated 1440mAh, which is only 10 mAh supplementary than the iPhone 4 battery. In fact, iPhone 5 battery has an increased rating in terms of watts-per-hour.

The more interesting feature is the fact the voltage level is nearly same as the voltage of iPhone 4. The iPhone4/4S voltage rating is of 3.8 volt. Now, question may pop up that why this small numbers matter? The reason is that the upcoming iPhone has larger display than iPhone4 which can drain a fully charged battery in a very short time.

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