Review: Zenonia 2 Game, Cheats, Walkthroughs


One year after the success of Zenonia – the Zelda –esque adventure, Zenonia 2 – The Lost Memories was released with all new updates to make the game easy for iPhone users. Those of you who liked the first part are sure to love the second one as well. Zenonia 2, of course, has new characters and different story, but it managed to win hearts again. Zenonia 2 didn’t change much from the original version except the technical upgrades, introduction of four heros, and player vs player fighting.

The game starts with the adventures of the four characters including Lu the swordsman, Morphice the magician, Daza the martial artist, and Ecne, the gunslinger. As the story progresses, you must select a hero among the four and the chosen hero has to collect some mystical jewels, which can defeat the evil forces terrifying their homes. The plot doesn’t change with the selection of the hero baring a few quests specific to the character. Moreover, the action and adventure sequences of the game depend on the character you choose as hero.
Zenonia 2 was developed and published by Gamevil and can be played by 1-2 players.

Cheats include:
Lepe the fairy, who joins you in the adventure after rescuing her
She later performs fantastic attacks and damages many enemies
However, her skill points are slower
Moreover, you also get blessings of Fairy in terms of increased in gold earned and experienced earned.

The Zenonia Walkthrough guide enables the player to defeat the enemy and guides them from beginning to end with pictures.
The start of the game includes a long intro of the character you chose.
The game commences in a prison and as you go up the ladder by killing monsters, you reach the town
You cross till level 3 in prison
Next you meet Karen, a girl by tracing her location. And she wants you to bring a large box to the blacksmith located at bottom left in town.
Now you have to finish the quest and collect iron from the blacksmith.

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