Review: The Night Sky iPhone, Android App

The Night Sky iPhone Android App ReviewThere is just something magical about gazing up to the heavens, isn’t there? Now, thanks to iCandi’s The Night Sky app, you can always know exactly what you’re seeing – even on nights when the view may not be so clear. Impress a hot new date with captivating celestial facts, or make your fellow stargazers jealous with your newfound knowledge.
Smart GPS Technology
Although daylight hours don’t seem particularly conducive to stargazing, the app will actually produce beautifully screened results anytime it’s used, and regardless of the conditions outside. This is because The Night Sky app uses built-in GPS technology to cross-reference celestial data with your global position. Clear, cloudy, night, or day, The Night Sky always produces incredible overlays that identify the names of the stars, planets and satellites as seen from your location. Cool, right?
The Night Sky app makes the heavens visible with an interface that is both easy to read and simple to use. Simply launch the app and point it skyward to observe the Transit of Venus, gain a visual on the planetary alignments, check out star clusters, constellations and more.
Conveniently Portable
Like most applications, one of the more convenient aspects of this astronomy app is its portability. From anywhere on the Blue Planet, you can identify the stars, planets, and more through the convenience of your mobile device. And since it uses GPS technology, you can use it anytime in any climate. Whether it’s always sunny in Philadelphia or you’re just sleepless in Seattle, The Night Sky has you covered as a highly entertaining pocket ref.
Magical Price
The app is available for iOS, Mac, and Android systems and goes for $0.99 in the iTunes Store. For an extra $1.99 you can also purchase The Sky Information Pack, which highlights additional tidbits about all the Night Sky objects. The good news is prices on iPhones, iPads and the like are becoming increasingly affordable at the consumer level, making the app an easy addition for all. What’s more, shoppers can find these kinds of products heavily discounted on auction sites like HappyBidDay where they can purchase bids at a fraction of retail prices to bid on tablets, SmartPhones, and more to host the app. A star of deal if we do say so ourselves!

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