Review: Fruit Ninja Game, Cheats, Walkthroughs


Though an entirely simple game, Fruit Ninja has become an immediate success with players. The game is all about tossing fruits up in the air and slashing them to half with your weapons. You might not feel too interested about the game initially, but once you see someone play for a while you will soon get addicted. As you get a firm grasp in the game, your reaction time will definitely improve. Even if you are total stranger to the gaming scene, you are bound to enjoy immediately once you start playing. And if you play in groups, it will surely bring fun moments and confusions.

Despite the fact that all Fruit Ninja games are same, the use of technique can help you beat other players on the leaderboards. You score for hitting each fruit and if you could swipe around a lot of fruits together, you will get combo points. Moreover if you can cut several same types of fruits together, you earn bonus points.

The game can be played in different modes and most of the modes are Single Player Mode. But you can also play in Party Mode if you want to play with another player and hit fruits together or play against each other.


The Cheats of Fruit Ninja include unlockable backgrounds, Unlockable blades, Achievements etc. Besides, you have another cheat in the form of cutting the pineapple 3 times in a row, or the lovely Bunch Achievement help and the Year of the Dragon Achievement help. Moreover you also have strawberry facts help as cheat.

The walkthroughs of Fruit Ninja are the new blades and backgrounds. The game offer 3 new blades and 2 new backgrounds along with new challenges and action.
The blades include the Rainbow Blade, the Water Blade and the King Dragon Blade, each with unique features.
The two new backgrounds include Gutsu and Truffles background as well as the King Dragon background with separate features.

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