Review: Blazing Star Game, Cheats, Walkthroughs

Blazing Star, a horizontal shmup, which is a subgenre of shooter video games, is a one goal game, where you simply gun down your enemy on screen that is shelling at you. The game features six ships for attacks including normal attack and charge attack. With A button you can start normal attack, whereas by holding it down, you can initiate powerfully charged attack. The player collects power ups in each level and these power ups expand your attack meter and improve your weaponry.

Blazing stars is a nice game with strategic play in 2D backdrop. The beauty of the game is the Mission Mode feature, which let you start the game at any stage you want. Moreover, with Bluetooth multiplayer option, you can invite a friend to play with you. The controls of the game are little slow moving. You need to manage your ship either with touch controls or a virtual stick. The speed of each ship freeze down after twisting and diving for a while, which becomes a cause of concern.

Overall, Blazing Stars is a fun game feature with interesting shooter gameplay and is reasonably affordable.

The cheats available in Blazing stars include the use of alternate ship colors. For changing the ship colors, you can p with press buttons. For using normal color, press your ship with button A. For choosing alternate color 1, select the ship with button B. And for choosing alternate color 2, you can select the ship with buttons C + D.

The best walkthrough of the game include a Mission Mode in addition to the Arcade Mode, which allow you to choose the stage you want to play.
Another walkthrough is regarding the number of spaceships with different characters and strength.
The next is the powerful gameplay function, which allows team work with the help of Bluetooth.

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