Indian Government Imposes 5 SMS Per Day Limit For The Next 15 Days

5 SMS Per Day Limit IndiaIn a very insane move by the Indian Government, a limit of 5 sms per day has been imposed on GSM and CDMA mobile users of India. From August 18, 2012, mobile users can send only 5 sms per day to the maximum after which the messages don’t get delivered with a prompt indication from the mobile operator.

The move was made by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to curb the spread of rumors which was meant to spread fear and to vacate North Eastern Indian’s from certain states. Home Ministry said that the rumors led to the flee of North East Indian’s from states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra and hence the move was necessary. The rumor SMSs contained misleading information related to Assam Violence

The restriction does not apply on the transaction SMS related to Banking, Financial Institutions and Railway alerts.

Moreover, one cannot send more than 20 KB of data, not more than 5 MMS per day as well. According to some reports, the rule has not yet been implemented by Airtel, in some parts of the country.

When the 6th message was tried from Aircel, the following message was sent by the operator.

“Due to Govt. directives, More than 5 SMS per day are blocked. Please retry tomorrow. Anticipate your co-operation.”

Other operators will come up with a similar message ” Hi! You have sent 5 SMS today. As per Govt. guidelines, you can’t send more than 5 SMS today. Your SMS services will be resumed post Midnight.”

No inputs about what the existing users will do about their SMS Booster Packs which allows them to send 100 or 200 SMS per day depending on the pack. The money won’t be refunded and the validity of the pack can’t be extended either!

It’s a very disappointing news for Indian Youngsters! There seems to be no point in curbing the SMS limit to 5 per when already there has been a limit of 200 per day.

There are plenty of Alternatives available. If you are an Android or iPhone User, you can install WhatsApp, Viber Apps for free unlimited texting over the Internet, provided the receiving user also has that App installed on their mobile with proper access to the Internet.

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22 Responses to "Indian Government Imposes 5 SMS Per Day Limit For The Next 15 Days"

  1. kaustubh says:

    Such. A bull$#!t, I d k wats wrong …I dnt agree

  2. amey says:

    its a bullshit…

  3. Karthik says:

    Dear Praveen,
    Nice article! U have got a fact wrong.About a month ago,Delhi high court lifted the 200 SMS per day restriction.I am able to send more than 200 per day though from yesterday only 5 could be sent.

  4. Praveen says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Yes, i’m aware of that fact! 🙂 I just meant that, TRAI has imposed a rule of 200 before and now 5. Anyways, thanks for letting everyone know that 200 limit has been lifted 🙂

    But the rules are pointless anyways!

  5. Ken says:

    They are idiots.. thinking this would do any help.
    Maybe they want to start another riot..If they want people to cool down they should announce something like, free unlimited sms for everyone for 1 month after this 15 days get over.

  6. Neil says:

    A Big Sh!t 4 Nxt 15days

  7. Rangith says:

    Wat a Fuck tis? Wil u think it Wil help?

  8. Debdeep says:

    great…exellent..the govt AND the TRAI have found another way to fuck us up..i mean seriously??? 5 sms??? what the hell am i supposed to do with 5 smses??? this is the problem we wil keep on facing until some bloody youngster doesnt go into these governing body of the TRAI…and i am not talking about Mr. Gandhi..
    Goddamnit ppl…i am sick and tired of these limitations..
    i think there is a bigger case behid this…this is only my view…see when we cant sms we call…the more we call…the more these telecom companies earn…and given the track record of our govt officials…some one took a huuge bribe from these companies and used the assam thing as an excuse to impliment this ban…
    nice going Govt of India..
    nice going TRAI..
    exellent work..

  9. venky says:

    hey wht s ths its a bullshit idea….i m nt agree ths…………………..vry vry vry vry vry hair pluging idea

  10. pragathes says:

    its a very disappointing news for indian youngsters…………………………..

  11. Gorakh says:

    SMS Limited karne se kuchh bhi bhala nahi hoga. india me jo bhi ho raha ha jo bhi bhrashtachar ho raha he use tum ( government ) chhupate kyu ho…???
    india me jo kuchh bhi jitna bhi ho raha uske ZIMMEDAR Indian Government He, in sab hadso or kale kartoot k pichhe Indian Government Ka Haath He.

  12. dev says:

    I really hate this…..I am missing by hearty friendzzzz…. very much……………………………………………………………………………

  13. huh..... says:

    ohhh god yyyy….???? so…???????? ……problem of d culprits have to b suffered by us…

  14. payal patel says:

    We are here to get our rights… how the government can restrict us like this this totally wrong

  15. Mr.chary says:

    No comment for this foolish movement of govt and trai,,,
    just fuck off the post,,

  16. Hazard says:

    For me it takes 50 Smses to 25 people to say only Good morning and good night.

    Indian Govt. ko gaali do sab SMS bhej kar, 5 sms per person means ~500cr TXT wo bhi sirf gaali… Ha Ha.. tab samajh me aiga I*ndian Govt. ko…

  17. shiva says:

    Panicy move by the govt. jus rediculus.. N why is it thet Prepaid mobile numbers have been restricted and yet postpaid connections are allowed to send more then 5sms.. just cant understand wht this Govt. and these service providers are doing.. hopeless people.. this govt is silent on issues of black money n doing these kiddish things. HA wht a joke..

  18. rahul says:

    bullshit…………………………… indian govt. is good for nothing . ghuusa bhara hai unke dimaag main.

  19. Balaji says:

    Indians are slaves to their own leaders and government. Politicians play all the dirty games, and this is also one of their own antics to conceal their misdeeds. Overall, Indians as whole leave in harmony, there is no religious here, there is no caste, there is no bias or indifference, it is these leaders to gain popularity play all dirty games using a handful of hooligans and create ruckus amongst us. We in millions can’t we dare to throw a handful of waste people who are ruling our country and looting us. Elections are a waste of our hard earned money. We need a single party, where we make the decisions, not a set of lunatics. When these lunatics come for vote, they say our country is in our hands, so lets carry our country in our own hands, why hand it over to these crazy-for-money morons. Let us all change India, let us throw all these ruling morons into deep ocean and create a New India, free of corruption, free of violence, a peaceful, friendly, developing nation. Lets UNITE INDIA. LETS DETHRONE ALL THE BAD RULING LEADERS. LETS CREATE A YOUNG, CORRUPT-FREE INDIA. VANDE MATARAM. Peace loving Indian.

  20. Nrupal says:

    This is a very primal and boorish decision taken by Government. I can’t comment about the ministers but there are well-educated and knowledgeable babus who could have informed the ‘not-so-savvy’ ministers that SMS is not the only mode of communication which can be used to spread rumors inflicting undesirable events. The miscreants can use methods such as WhatsApp, nimbuzz or even BB. A tweet, a post on FB can do the needful without any costs incurred. Further, even 5 SMSs sent to ’right person’ can cause equal damage. I plead the Government to do some serious genuine work to find the source of the rumor and incriminate the source rather than inconveniencing millions of already inconvenienced innocents.

  21. Ishaan says:

    Fuck u indian government. Support anna hazare against this motherfucking government.

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