Review: Zombie Farm iPhone Game, Cheats, Walkthroughs

Whenever I see the word Farm, Farmville from Facebook comes to my mind. Well! I this game called Zombie Farm iPhone Game works similar to the Farmville. Developed by Playforge, Zombie Farm is a good mix of two popular games, namely Farmville, and Plants vs Zombies. The only difference being that, in Zombie Farm, both plants and zombies can be raised. The plants raised generate gold, which can be used to buy other plants and zombies and the zombies can be used to earn brain.

At the start of the game, you play as a farmer and get introduced to your farm. There is a rotten arm coming out of the ground in the farm which when click on it, brings a zombie out of the ground and thereby makes a hole in the ground. You can plant crops as well as zombies in that, which grow over a period of time. So, it is a regular task in the game to manage the farm regularly, without which zombies and plants decay.

The gold generated by harvesting crops can also be used to buy decorations, which generate life force that saves zombies from turning useless. The more the zombies, the more powerful your game turns out to be. The zombies can be used to invade other farms, especially the farm of old Mcdonnell till level 16.

One very important cheat is related to getting easy money without spending time on harvesting. Just plant a crop and on your iPhone go to Settings and to General. Next choose Date And Time and then to Set Date And Time. Change the time here to the required number of hours for the plants to harvest and your plant gets ready for use in the game.

Invading is interesting and the invade button lies in the left hand side of the screen. Once you tap the button, a menu of enemies to select appears. Once you cross the old Mcdonnell, there are many to unveil, which you can achieve with 8 zombies in hand.

Moreover, you can put your zombies in the order to attack depending on their hungry level because they get distracted if not hungry.

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