Review: LEGO Ninjago Rise of the Snakes iPhone Game, Cheats, Walkthroughs

LEGO Battles: Ninjago, the second game based on LEGO theme being developed by Hellbent Games is created in the lines of the first game, LEGO Battle with the additions of ninjas and skeletons, thereby making it appealing. The game offers plenty of play modes, such as, training, two campaigns, as well as single and multiplayer modes.

The story is about two brothers who got four golden weapons from their deceased father. But one greedy brother, Lord Garmadon, wants to have all the weapons and refuse to share with his brother Sensei Wu. This opens a war between the two as Sensei Wu promise to honor and protect the weapons from his greedy brother. This starts two campaigns; one is the Ninjago campaign of Sensei with Spinjitzu warriors to protect the golden weapons and the other is the skeleton campaign of Lord Garmadon with skulkin army to keep possession of the weapons.

The graphics and combats of the game seems bit outdated with less imaginative. The cast is fine but their appearance looks similar making it difficult for the player. The use of D-pad to navigate view of the battle map makes things quite easy. The game is very interesting when played on Skirmish modes with a friend. Overall this is a nice game of the RTS genre.


The following Cheat Codes can be used from the menu for the desired effect.

KMRWLSS – Show Enemies on Minimap
HJEKTPU – Unlock Kruncha
TSDYHBZ – Unlock Spaceman
GALNAFE – 10000 Studs
LQMZPBX – 15000 Studs
PPMSUGS – 20000 Studs
SLBQFSW – 25000 Studs
MXQNVQP – 30000 Studs
SJVPMAA – 35000 Studs
WZURMZM – 40000 Studs
UABBMZQ – 45000 Studs
GQBAUJP – 5000 Studs
BGCHKHA – 55000 Studs
JXULZZW – 60000 Studs
FBMRSWG – 65000 Studs
ZZXWUZJ – 70000 Studs
HXMVRZP – 75000 Studs
NYUXUZF – 80000 Studs


No walkthroughs are available yet. If you want to share please contact us. We would be glad to upload them under your name.

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