Microsoft Fixes The Issue With Installing New Apps In Windows Phone

Windows PhoneMicrosoft has fixed the issue with installing new apps for Windows Phone. A problem surfaced with the digital certificates a few days back. The problem resulted in stopping the developers from publishing new apps at the Windows Phone marketplace. Now Microsoft has solved the problem of digital certificates after fixing a glitch. Currently, they have resumed publishing new apps at the windows phone marketplace.

The marketplace chief, Todd Brix has identified the problem as a “hiccup” and stated that it has been completely resolved. Before that the company was in a rush to solve that problem as its application marketplace was vulnerable.

Brix wrote on a Blog,that says, Microsoft has fixed the digital certificate problem and publishing of new apps has resumed since last evening. It will take one or two more days for complete functionality of the new apps in the Marketplace. But if you are on the process of installing then you need not to worry about it and need not take any action, it will be fixed automatically.

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