Cell Phone’s Distracting Effect In Restaurants Calls For New Act

Cell Phone in RestaurantCell phones have been found to be distracting in a restaurant. It is something that has been seen more and more when people are eating out. According to the Los Angeles Times, Eva Restaurant has decided to give diners 5 percent discount on their tabs if they decided to avoid using their digital devices before and during their meal. Chef and owner Mark Gold said he was hoping the move would make his patrons focus more on their food and not their phones. He further said that around half of his clientele have decided to take him up on his offer.

He told a local radio station that to him the problem is not people disturbing other guests, but the fact that the restaurant wants to create a home environment. At Cornell University, researchers discovered that hearing half of someone’s conversation not only reduces their cognitive ability, but it is also capable of distracting people.

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