Licensing Of Windows 8: Smart, Simpler & Better

Windows 8Licensing of windows has been a complex matter. Special licenses are required for OEM’s, enterprises and also to upgrade different software.

A number of complications are there while licensing the windows. With the arrival of the windows 8, the licensing procedure has become a lot simpler. This has a much straight forward procedure than the previous one. And this license has compiled with features which are historically familiar and technically upgraded.

The new license format is concluded with straight English introductory sector that is shown in a question and answer format and has been explained to the user of the things they are not permitted for the license.

Windows 8 has 5 kinds of license on offer. The license of Enterprise and OEM is same as ever. And any type upgrade would be possible to Windows 8 pro from windows 8. The newer version of windows license has a change in the retail license. Instead of three kinds, now only two: an upgrade license and system builder license are needed.

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