5 SMS Per Day Limit Increased To 20 SMS Per Day

SMS Limit 20 SMS Per DayIndian Government has increased the SMS limit of 5 per day to 20 per day now, with immediate effect. From Saturday, August 18, the SMS limit was 5 per day to curb the spread of rumors relating to the North East people. From August 23, the limit has been increased to a marginal 20 per day, which means you can send more than 25 KB of data at once.

Recently, the Government traced down the numbers and websites spreading rumors and found that SMS rumors originated from Pakistan. Also there has been a ban on more than 300 web pages and sites which contained hate content about North East Indian’s.

Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been used to post morphed images to spread rumors in a rapid pace. According to sources, the Government has asked these Social Networking sites to remove such content but the companies are slow in response.

Despite the move, there seems to be late implementation from mobile operators. With a mobile customer base of over 930 million, the operators feel the pinch. It is expected that the SMS limit will be completely lifted by September 1, 2012.

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