3D Movies Without Glasses Under Development

3D movies without Glasses The South Korean researchers are on their way to develop a technology that could lead the viewers to watch the 3D movies without glasses.

This idea involves barriers that will lead the users to see the images differently, and would allow the brain to create an illusion of depth.

The TV makers has already tried to do so in the similar approach but that required the viewers to seat in a exact spot in order to see a 3D image. Moreover, it’s not possible to seat for the users in a variety of different angles to watch the movie.

This new idea of not using glasses has come with the front projection technology coming up as an alternative to multiple projectors. The editor from the college of optical science, Professor John Koshel has explained the way in which 3D-images on a movie screen would be created. This technique is involved using special filter to project the 2D images.

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