Facebook Plans For Its New Campus; Mixed Reaction From Employees

Facebook New CampusFacebook has planned for their new campus expansion, which is designed by architect Frank Gehry. This plan comes with a single room that is stretched to 10 acres. Seating arrangement is made in such a manner that everyone will be taking sit on an open floor with movable furniture. In a status update of Mark Zuckerbarg, he mentioned that the structure is going to be the largest open floor with movable furniture that will house over 2800 engineers.

The proposed open campus will be developed with a view to bolster greater communication, which would lead to more flexibility and creativity in team work.

But, working in an open environment may prove to bring in negative consequences as noted by some of the Engineers.They further added that working in an open campus may hamper their focus and concentration to work because of the increased noise from phone calls and casual conversation of the employees. Germs may spread out rapidly and their workers may become sick for being exposed to working in open environment.

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