40 New Games Added To Windows 8 XBox App

Windows 8 XBox AppAt the launching date of windows 8 at October 26, a set of 40 Xbox games is also going to be unveiled. Microsoft has stated that, these announced games are familiar to the gamers of companies like Rovio, Gameloft, mindclip and of course Microsoft studios.

The games that have been announced today are already been in the Windows 8 review; published by Live Xbox Games app. Pinball FX2 and Wordament are included in the list of games.

Xbox has been a big part associating largely with Windows 8 since windows8-xbox integration in 2011. This new Xbox games will include multiplayer games as well as leader boards.

This announcement is the second gaming announcement in this week by Microsoft. The software maker has declared a partnership with Atari on the Wednesday to reboot few of the games such as Combat, lunar Lander and Asteroids.

As a supplement to the game, Xbox smart Glass app will be added to windows 8 in the upcoming month.

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