WordPress 3.0 Blogging Software Released

WordPress 3.0 has finally been released for bloggers. WordPress 3 Blogging Software is the 13th major release of WordPress. The development of WordPress 3.0 involved the contribution of 218 people over a period of 6 months.
WordPress 3.0 Blogging Software

Major Changes And Features in WordPress 3.0

-The Default Theme is the new sexy looking “Twenty Ten”
-Easy Implementation of Custom Backgrounds, Headers, Shortlinks, Post Types, Taxonomies and Menus
-Multi-Site functionality with the merge of MU and WordPress
-Contextual Help Function t the top right on every screen
-New Updates Tab in Dashboard for a Single Click Update of Entire WordPress Core, Plugins.
-WordPress claims it has fixed 1127 bugs and feature enhancements [I need to review this claim with more usage of WordPress]

WordPress has also confirmed that their next update will be specific and contributors have been assigned particular areas such as Plugin Enhancement, Theme Customization, Post Fixes and lots more. We can expect the next update to come after 3 months. With a breathtaking 10.3 Million Downloads of WordPress 2.9 version, this latest release of WordPress 3.0 is expected to record more downloads.

Basically, WordPress has become a bit lighter than before with faster loading of pages. With single click update of all Plugins, the time you spend on management of the site is going to be a lot less. Multi-User integration is welcome and is here to stay. Overall WordPress 3 is the most powerful blogging platform at present.

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