Apple iPhone 4 Pre-Order Mess Up – Customers Disappointed

Apple iPhone 4 pre orderAfter so much hype about Apple iPhone 4, here we get another shocking report on this newly launched device which has created a lot of disappointment among the Apple iPhone fans. Two days ago there was a ruckus in the Apple and AT&T stores as the pre order sales were severely messed up.
A huge number of customers, who ordered the device online from Apple and AT&T websites, faced some major difficulties at that time. Nobody still knows why and how this technical problem occurred. When customers went to the Apple store located at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, they were told by the Apple employees that their orders couldn’t be processed due to some technical difficulties stumbled upon by the AT&T systems. The Apple employees have suggested to the customers to hold back the iPhone till June 24 while it was supposed to be released on the coming Thursday.
After this inconvenience all the Apple bulletin boards and other social networking sites were filled with messages of highly dissatisfied customers and even annoyance at the early hours of the day.


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