Swiss Railway Operator Accuses Apple Of Stealing Their Clock Design

SBB Clock DesignApple may have to face another courtroom battle if they failed to explain the accusations made by the Swiss railway operator. Swiss railway operator SBB accuesed by saying that Apple has stolen the design of their ironic station clock and using it on the iOS 6 operating system iPad.

The look of the clock is same but the only difference is that Apple posses a license for using the clock. They are proud of the fact that Apple took their 68 years click old design but they didn’t take permission prior to using it , said SBB spokesman. Before going to the courtroom, they want to come to an agreement.

Analysts suggest if you compare the side by side view then you wont find any distinguishable difference between the two clocks. It is not the first time Apple has borrowed design from others. The calculators and podcasts app is also not designed by Apple. Now it is important that how apple would consider the fact and tackle the  negative press.

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2 Responses to "Swiss Railway Operator Accuses Apple Of Stealing Their Clock Design"

  1. Daryel says:

    Apple has a patent pending on this. SBB will have to license it’s use of the clock and all possible iterations of the clock (all 43200 of them) from Apple. Apple only “innovates” in never copies from others.

  2. Bob says:

    I’m confused. Does Apple have a license to use the SBB railway station clock design in their app or not? The first sentence in your second paragraph needs work.

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