Apple iPhone Jail Break – A Beginners Guide

Apple iphone jailbreakMillions of iPhone users are searching for iPhone Jailbreak guide over the net. If you are a new iPhone user then this guide can certainly help you in this regard so that you can be aware the pros and cons of Apple iPhone jailbreaking and also  get up-to-date on more current information on how to Jailbreak iPhone.

What is iPhone Jailbreak?

In a nutshell, Jailbreak is the method of iPhone hacking in order to free it from Apple restrictions.

There are thousands of iPhone users who want to Jailbreak their iPhone to make it more improved and customizable one. iPhone has been hindered by some degree of customizability, there are also privacy issues of text messages. Some apple user also complains about the lack of its multitasking capabilities. But Jailbreak is an effective solution to all of these troubles with apps and fixes. You can visit the “App Stores” of the Jailbreak world like Cydia and Installer.

Their developers designs apps and tweaks including different utilities and then upload them to organize everything categorically. Cydia lets the Apple users do things that Apple did not intend the iPhone software to do.

Advantages of Jailbreaking  iPhone:

  1. No restrictions. If you want a custom wallpaper on your Apple iPhone home screen, or custom icons for apps, then all these can easily be done with the help of Jail Break. It also provides you the facilities like Internet tethering, or a category system to organize your apps. Jailbreak makes all your iPhone wishes come true.
  2. To join the subculture. If you are tired of Apple’s stranglehold on the iPhone? Those who Jailbreak iPhone belong to a movement of people who wants more from their iPhones. Beat the system: Jailbreak your iPhone.
  3. Unlock iPhone. You can unlock your iPhone to use it on any carrier. There are many Jailbreak solutions that allow unlocking the iPhone, though it is generally beyond the scope of this tutorial.

Disadvantages Of Jail break

  1. As Apple has not enabled multitasking facility— it may cause a huge battery drain if you run the apps in the background. By controlling the user experience, Apple try to ensure that your iPhone just works well and you don’t have to be concerned about managing battery life or any other technological particulars.
  2. When someone develops something for an Apple product and that development isn’t authorized by Apple, your device may not run properly as it should.
  3. Every iPhone update from iTunes disables Jailbreak. Every time Apple emerges with an update for iPhone, they prevent hackers from cracking the code over again. Hackers then mess up to Jailbreak the iPhone and introduce new methods. Hence if you like to download Apple’s iPhone updates, you are going to have to figure out each time how to Jailbreak your iPhone yet again. So think before you opt for this tiring cat and mouse game?
  4. Jailbreak can increase the risk of getting a virus attack on your iPhone. The only two iPhone viruses ever reported have spread across iPhones that have been Jailbroken. That’s not to say the iPhone platform as Apple built it is totally secure.
  5. Apple iPhone warranty becomes null and void if you Jail break.  If your iPhone has another problem and it you  Jail Break it, then your warranty becomes void. 
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