Twitter Accidentally Resets Passwords Of Unaffected User Accounts

Twitter BirdIn an unprecedented event, an email warning has been sent to thousands of Twitter users stating that their account has been compromised by a 3rd party. As a matter of fact, some accounts indeed got compromised, but a large section of users’ unaffected passwords was reset accidentally.

Reset of passwords included high profile accounts such as, BBC, TechCrunch. Source or cause of this compromise is yet to be discovered. The volume of the issue is also not disclosed by the micro blogging site, Twitter.

Twitter, in a statement said that: “A password is reset, when we think that an account has been compromised and let the account owner know via email alongside the information on how to create a new password. The process is a routine task to help protect our users”

The statement further acknowledged that, “We have unintentionally reset passwords of a large number of accounts that were actually not been compromised and we apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused by this mishap.”


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