Top 3 Broadband Deals: A Quick Look

Broadband DealsWith an ever-increasing number of people now accessing the internet from home using high speed broadband, the packages available from suppliers are coming under careful scrutiny before purchase. Canny consumers are searching out the best possible deal that suits their requirements. Fortunately, there are plenty of options now available, so assessing the likely usage the members of a household will make of the various services is an essential part of making the right choice.

Speed is of the essence

Most broadband deals are based around the speed of the connection, which in turn determines the capacity of the service – for example, the size of download that is possible. Nowadays, suppliers are providing customers with bundles that may include telephone line rental, mobile phone use and television, as well as their broadband. The leading brands for good value, speed and the availability of a range of different packages are Sky Broadband, fo Orange and O2.

Sky Broadband

With a very impressive range of broadband deals to offer the consumer, Sky provides the opportunity to benefit from broadband only, or from a bundle that can include Sky TV and a phone service as options. The product Sky Broadband Lite is ideal for checking emails and browsing the internet – it also comes with a 2GB monthly allowance for usage.

Sky Broadband Unlimited has no usage caps and is excellent for the family home – it’s possible to download parental controls for up to three PC so that security and privacy are assured.

Sky Fibre Unlimited is perfect for homes that have very heavy internet needs. If very large files are frequently downloaded or a number of users are streaming content at the same time, or are participating in online gaming sessions, this service is ideal. All broadband packages come with a free Wireless ‘N’ Router and technical support is available around the clock. It is particularly convenient to be able to select a bundle that can include line rental, telephone and TV all in one.


Broadband deals from Orange include unlimited broadband and concessions on either landline or mobile phone calls, depending on the bundle selected. Free evening and weekend calls or free anytime calls on a UK landline can be chosen, and calls to up to 30 international destinations can be added. Orange and T-Mobile is rebranding as EE and has announced plans to introduce Fibre Broadband and a new 4G mobile network. Fibre Broadband will be available to about 11 million UK households, and coverage will then be expanded over the coming years. Orange also offers access to mobile broadband via a dongle.


The O2 deals on broadband include a package with home phone or broadband only at three levels: The Basics, The All Rounder and the Works. The Basics is suitable for checking email and for everyday internet surfing with downloads restricted to 20GB per month; The All Rounder has unlimited downloads and is recommended for smaller households and for watching TV or listening to music as well as browsing; The Works provides the company’s best broadband service, also unlimited, and suitable for online gaming and streaming films.


This article was produced in association with Sky!

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