Black Ops II For Xbox 360 Gets a New Patch

Black Ops II for Xbox 360 has finally received the much awaited patch and Treyarch has released the complete set of details of the fixes that the patch will address.

The patch fixes many bugs and errors that were reported by users in the past. The complete set of fixes the patch addresses are enlisted below:

  • Streaming operation enhancements to video play-back in CODTV
  • Infrastructure advances to Live Streaming
  • AGR canister/Care package error has been addressed
  • Calling Cards now incorporate Junkyard IV reward
  • Emblem Editor’s icons have been improved
  • All UI error codes have been fixed
  • The previously reported overlapping of the Emblem Editor over other menus has also been fixed
  • Minute map exploit in Aftermath has been patched
  • Clan and emblem tags will appear righteously on the Assault Shield when boxed on the back
  • Performance of emblem uploads has also been addressed; uploading will not cause the screen to freeze
  • Other errors while connecting to the server have also been fixed; you will be able to reattempt to save your data if the screen hangs
  • Elite Clan Friends list doesn’t sort players when they update their statuses. Users will have to update after shutting down and opening the tab
  • Weapon level of FHJ-18 will now increase if players destroy Scorestreak aircraft and vehicles
  • Balance on spawn influencers has been improved
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