Bethesda Confirms High Success Of Dishonored; Game To Become Franchise

Bethesda, the name behind the insanely popular stealth action game ‘Dishonored’, has confirmed that the game will become a franchise. The news was confirmed by Pete Hines, PR manager of the company, who, while speaking to Destructoid, revealed that sales of Dishonored have exceeded their internal expectations due to which, possible installments of the game might be launched in the near future.

According to Pete Hines, Dishonored reigned on the top as the number one selling game during the holiday weekend, as the game did very well on Stream and in Stores. In addition, Dishonored also sold extremely well in the international market. “So we’re very pleased and appreciate all the fans that have supported Dishonored and developer Arkane Studios. We clearly have a new franchise”, added Pete.

Dishonored was launched by Bethesda in October, 2012. Soon after its launch, the game ranked as the 4th best selling game in United States in October. While Dishonored ranked on the fourth spot in the month it’s launched, it was the only non sequel that made it to the top 10 list. Dishonored will be receiving its first expansion called Dunwall City Trials on December 11. The expansion will be priced at $5 and will be directly downloadable.

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