US Military Licenses Unreal Engine for its Training Simulation

Epic games Unreal Engine is the most popular game engine today from big budget AAA titles to small scale indie games, it has been used in almost all types of games. Unreal Engine has also been used in non gaming projects like the animation software, which is currently in its beta stages, uses Unreal Engine 3.

Due to its advance features, ease of use and high degree of portability, it has been chosen by US military to be used in an American military training simulation program. The simulation will be used for training soldiers in Counter-IED tactics such as mine-sweeping and other techniques.

It has been reported by GI.biz that IPKeys Technologies, the company that supplies IT and software to US military, has licensed Unreal Engine 3 to develop a training simulation called IED Gaming and Modeling Environment, or ‘I-GAME’.

Director for Modeling and Simulation Applications and U.S. Marine Corps Programs at IPKeys has stated that using the Unreal Engine 3 allows IPKeys to create the most realistic maps locales, conditions, materials and virtual soldiers to match exactly what the Warfighter sees, uses and knows.

President of IPKeys Mark Pappas said in a statement that they are very proud to offer he battle planner and Warfighter tactical, strategically-based, premier tools from the best sources – government and commercial alike.

Following are some of the key features of I-Game as mentioned by IPKeys.

  1. Rapid Authoring Interactive 3D Scenarios; No Programming Required.
  2. Physics-Based Simulation Environment.
  3. Open Environment Allowing Scenarios with Virtually No Restrictions.
  4. Rapidly Game IED/C-IED Systems in a Variety of Different Environments.
  5. Streamlined, Intuitive User Interface.
  6. Modify System Properties “On-The-Fly” to Quickly Iterate “What If” Conditions.
  7. Open-Ended Authoring Structure Offering the Freedom to Safely Experiment within Straightforward or Complex Multi-Tiered Scenarios.
  1. Scenarios Can Be Easily Saved and Reloaded to Rapidly Iterate through “What If” Scenarios.
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