Square Enix announces Star Galaxy

Few days ago, Square Enix opened a teaser site with the word ‘Star’ at the upper right corner, leading to speculations that the publisher will be announcing 5th entry in its Star Ocean RPG series. Today, Square Enix revealed that the teaser site was for a game titled Star Galaxy, a massively multiplayer simulation game that takes place in outer space.

The game will support up to 2000 players allowing them to fight on one gigantic battlefield. Players will play as a planet’s commander in chief and will have to manage its resources, infrastructure, and power sources much like a strategy game. Gamers will be able to develop their base by adding various structures and secure resources by conquering other planets. Players will also be assigned a navigator character to help them during the simulation part of the game. Cards represent units in the game and are used during battles. They can also level up and receive upgrades like new skills.

Following four factions are available in Star Galaxy that players choose from:

  1. Boldor Imperial Army: This faction is led by Roy Bismark who is known for his excellent tactician skills and being ruthless.
  2. The Holy Knights of Selshion: Led by Dia Vite, this faction has strong faith in God.
  3. The Rebublic: Vivian commands this faction and is feared by his enemies. While his motives are yet unknown, it is clear that he is not fighting to bring peace to the galaxy.
  4. Universal Trading Union: The leader of this faction is known as Tagel. Tagel has waged a war against the royal family, who Tagel says has a monopoly on the resources.

Star Galaxy is a browser based game and will be handled by Yahoo Japan. Closed Beta testing for the game will start on December 20th.

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