Angry Birds And Samsung Head To Head In Video Marketing As Mobile Interest Heaved In 2012

The Year 2011 was dedicated to smartphones and mobile app companies as they generated the highest amount of viral videos. Samsung and Rovio grabbed two places, each in Ad age’s Top 10 Viral Video List for 2012.

Angry Birds ‘Space’ video collected almost 109 million views, while ‘Star Wars’ version was seen by more than 41 million people. On the contrary, Samsung Galaxy S III videos crossed 79 million, and LeBron’s Day clip reached more than 42 million views.

Overall, the smartphone and mobile industry dominated by securing four spots in the Top 10 Viral Video List of 2012. Other achievers included a mix mash of everything with videos like ‘Invisible Children’ and ‘Red Bull’ to ‘Intel’ and ‘M&M’.

This disclosure suggests that mobile and smartphone content kept consumers’ interest―alive, throughout 2011, and is likely to do so, in the future as well. Another noteworthy aspect here is Rovio’s Angry Birds clips were very ordinary, with no celebrity or glamour production; yet it managed to hold two positions.

Apple wasn’t able to appear in the list. It seems that Samsung’s over-the-top marketing is producing significant results. A company that was popular for copying in 2008―emerged as one of the most consumer-friendly brands in 2012.

But Samsung has tough competition from Rovio; a company that managed to collect a revenue of only 100 million Euros in 2011. Rovio is fully charged to convert idle individuals, into ultimate gamers.

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