Nintendo TVii Finally With Wii U

Nintendo TVii, that can convert the new Wii U into a complete entertainment package in living room, is joining the console tomorrow.

TVii will also be available in US and Canada. TVii allows Wii U users to control all the programming of their home entertainment setup, which includes cable and satellite companies too.

The Game Pad will also act as a remote controller enabling consumers to manage volume and switch channels.

TVii was announced earlier this year with the aim to modify Wii U into larger than life gaming console. But when Wii U hit the floor last month, there was no TVii. Nintendo clarified that it will be launched in December.

TVii is an effort by the company to make sure that users can organize everything in their living room in an instant. However, Netflix is not integrated in the new TVii features until early 2013, according to Nintendo.

With game pad’s support, TVii will also perform as double screen entertainment option. It will provide all the information about the program being run, including cast details and expert reviews. Whereas, sports programs will be supplied with live facts and figures.

TVii has its impact on the game pad, as 400000 pieces were sold in the first week, in US alone. The console can be bought from usual retailers and from Amazon online shop.

TVii is already integrated in Wii U and no installation or equipment is required to use it.

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