Angry Birds Game is Used to Spam Android Phones

Trojan mobile apps are making use of games like Angry Birds to spam Android phones and convert them into spam sending agents as well.

Cloudmark, UK Security Company, has confirmed an upsurge in mobile initiated spamming during last week.

The spam sends requests to Android driven mobile phones to download free edition of Angry Birds Star Wars or The Need For Speed Most Wanted.

When users follow directions, they end up installing spamware that pollutes their phones. And, this is not it; spamware will send similar invitations of free games to all the contacts in their contact list.

Cloudmark warns android operating system users to have an unlimited message plan or your phone bill may rise beyond your expectations.

Cloudmark also clarified that the spamware is not like the one you get in your PC. Here the user has to pay for all the invitations and requests that send through the phone, and spammer would just enjoy witnessing this whole scene offstage.

The company also suggests more complex and harder attacks in future as this one surely has gone over the bridge.

As the technological advancements speed ups, viral progressions also continue at the same pace. Though there are many organizations and groups dedicated to eliminate this dark side of technology, an ultimate solution to finish this problem is nowhere to be seen.

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