Pudding Monsters From “Cut The Rope” Creators Promises Unlimited Fun

Zeptolab, creators of a hit mobile game ‘Cut the Rope’, has come with a new app, Pudding Monsters, which claims to be as addictive as the former one.

In Pudding Monsters, gamers’ goal is to connect all tiny splotches of pudding on every level, so they can be strong enough to protect their buddies from humans, who can take them from refrigerator.

But, getting them together is not a piece of cake, as they are very slippery and you have nothing to catch them. So, chances are, they would get off the playing field and level will be restarted. There are also complimentary gifts in the game, same as was in “Cut the Rope”.

To perfectly complete the level, players need to use a lot of brain, and finishing a level requires a lot of trials to be successful. This game is a brainteaser which challenges you aggressively. However, clearing a level fills you with immense satisfaction and if you are trapped in the game, in-game purchase could help.

Pudding Monsters is visually cute just as “Cut the Rope”. All the monsters are special; some having mustaches, while others having flower popping out of their skulls. Character definition works wonders and adds extra cuteness to the game. Overall, brightness and colorful layouts look very pleasing and are definitely a plus point for the game.

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