Kickstarter: Bluetooth 4.0 Game Controller Engraved In iPhone Case

Game controllers for iPhone are not as rare as they used to be. Apple never liked anything connected to its smartphones. So, there was a lot of space for innovation in this area and Justice Frangipane’s new design is one such try. Frangipane’s creation is an iPhone case, 3mm thick, with a Bluetooth 4.0 video game controller, which can be charged with solar power.

After working for whole last year and launching Kickstarter, Justice Frangipane is finally now working on iDevices. Kickstarter owns a controller glued at the back of super thin iPhone case and it enables physical control attuned with certain games on iOS supporting Bluetooth accessories. This pod will be attached to the device, but wires and other connection will not be exposed.

It not only utilizes solar power but can also use trickle charging to suck indoor light sources. If fully charged, it can work for four hours without using any charging source. Major aim of this game controller was to make a device that you never have to build in, and Frangipane proudly declares himself successful.

It will not use too much energy because of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology. And, Bluetooth also ensures lesser response time for input. It has Apple’s support and iPhone maker has also agreed to work on the device to make sure it works perfectly with iOS driven systems.

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