Dead Space 3 Demo Will Hit The Market On January 15

Dead Space 3‘s demo will be available to gamers on January 15. However, PlayStation Network will get it on 22 of next month. And, if you want to play this game a week earlier on Xbox then you need to sign up at demo.deadspace.com.

Basically, demo reveals new co-op mode of the game, even EA also mentions that gamers will witness a deep space horror. It says, “in the demo, players will be thrust into deep space terror when unwilling hero – Isaac Clarke – and all-new co-op companion – Sergeant John Carver.”

Dead Space 3 aims to maintain its interest by developing it strategically and adding more to dismemberment process. Hopefully, North America will see Dead Space 3 on February 5 and Europe can play it on February 8. It will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and computers.

Dead Space 3 is a survival, terror, third person shooter video game by Visceral Games. It was announced on E3 2012 on June 4, 2012. It is continuation of Dead Space 2 and third addition in the Dead Space franchise. Tau Volantis is the fictional planet, used as primary setup for the game. Isaac Clarke and Sergeant John Carver are the bad boys of this video game trying to stop Necromorph, the good guy.

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