Zynga’s Poker is UK’s Top-Grossing iPhone App For 2012

Zynga’s Poker has earned the top position in Apple’s Top Grossing iPhone games chart for 2012. Though, Zynga had a difficult 2012, but it still managed to make its place.

Poker is not a new game; it was released in 2010 and people still like it, and even after two years, no other game has dented its popularity.

Apple revealed this news as part of its usual year round up, which is now renamed as ‘Best of 2012 from Rewind’.

Most of the apps in the list are freemium games. Kingdoms of Camelot and Bejeweled Blitz got 2nd and 3rd positions after Poker, which is also a freemium.

Other freemium games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out (7), CSR Racing (9) and DragonVale (10) are also in top ten list. Only three social apps made their place in the top 10, namely Match.com (4), WhatsApp Messenger (5) and Badoo (8).

The highest grossing iPad app of 2012 in UK is word processor of Apple. The Times, Kingdoms of Camelot, DragonVale, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Observer, QuickOffice Pro HD, Smurfs’ Village, Comics and The Sims FreePlay are other names in top 10.

It’s amazing that three news apps are in top 10 list. Even, The Sun (21), Daily Mail (25) and Sunday Times (38) are also in upper half of the list, indicating a trend towards news inclination among masses.

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