Angry Birds Makes It To The Top Apps of 2012


Angry Birds, Instagram and Facebook are among the best apps of 2012, as usual. But a little surprise was ‘Rising Stars’ gaining a dominant position in the list.

Flurry, an analytic firm, claimed that consumers spend two hours daily on mobile applications which is 35 percent more as compared to last year. These figures are expected to move up in 2013.

“2012 was a transformative tipping point in the way consumers use apps,” commented Craig Palli, Vice President of Fiksu. He also supports the idea of users turning to mobile applications for their day to day chores.

YouTube and Angry Birds are the top free and paid applications at Apple’s App Store as well. Social networking, entertainment, photo editing and game apps are getting most of the attention from users.

Besides Angry Birds, some apps which were released this year also gained prominent position in the list. “Draw Something”, a game for iPhone and Android, released in February was the second most downloaded application of 2012.

“It had a big run and other multi-player puzzle-oriented games like newcomers LetterPress and ScrambleWithFriends proved popular, too,” Palli said. “But in many respects these titles were inspired by the more revolutionary Words With Friends.”

Songza, music related app, and Paper, a sketchbook app, were also one of the most significant apps of the year.

The real revolution in apps world is yet to come as users are eagerly turning towards various applications for performing day to day tasks like finding a restaurant or taxi.

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