Apple iOS 4 Versus Android OS: A Comparative Analysis

Apple iOS4 Vs AndroidYesterday Apple released the iOS4 for iPhone and iPod touch which is definitely great news for the Apple fans. But still we have a doubt about this newly launched software update. Is it enough to rival Android phones? Most Android users think that Apple is playing catch up, as the most important iOS 4 features have been already included for some time on Android phones.

1)      Have a look at the features that iOS4 is offering its users. The most talked about feature it has got is Multi-tasking. The Android devices are already equipped with multitasks, and gives better performance than iOS 4. Userscan  regularly listen to Pandora while doing many other things with the Droid device.

It’s nice to see that some of the iPhone users can avail these facilities. Though iOS 4 doesn’t allow the iPhone 3G to multi-task, so owners of 3G sets are out of luck. And Apple has got a limited multi-tasking capability which allows seven specific kinds of services. Android does not any such restrictions. Apple claims that it imposed the restrictions in order to save battery life. But we think it doesn’t have any point. Since users should have the freedom to do what they wants, though if they run down the battery too fast.

2)      iOS4 now facilitates the users to change  their wallpaper. Once again, this feature is also available in Android devices for quite some time. So there’s nothing to praise about there.

3)      iOS 4 now incorporated a task switcher, and again I am bound to say, that’s been on Android for quite some time. You just need to press and hold the Home key. It’s true that the Android’s task switcher doesn’t do somewhat same job as iOS4’s does, because it won’t let the users end running apps. But, that’s easy enough to do on the Android as well. First go to setttings, then choose Applications –> Running Services, and it lets you kill services and apps that you don’t want running any longer.

4)      iOS 4 gives users the provision to create folders to organize several applications so that they can more easily find them. Here’s one more example where Android is already capable doing the same thing. Moreover Android has hot keys which help you to launch any application you want without searching through folders.

5)      The iOS 4’s has got Unified Inbox which is already available on Android.  If we look at iOS 4’s new Exchange support, again we will see that android offers better services as it supports built-in support for the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

No doubt, iPhone users will be very much satisfied to get all of these useful new features. But for the Android users, they are already familiar with  these applications. Hence we can easily come to the conclusion that Apple has only been able to come closer to the advanced Android devices, rather than leading the trend.


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