PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720: Launch Date and Costs Explained

PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720

PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will be announced at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in June 2013, or may be a bit earlier. We all apparently have an idea of their specifications and features, however their cost is a less discussed topic.

Colin Sebastian, employed at Baird Equity Research revealed some information about PS 4 and Xbox 720 in a research note addressed to some investors. According to Sebastian, both the gaming consoles could be priced between $350 and $400 in US, reported Games Industry International.

His sources are of the opinion that the next generation gaming consoles will be made from PC components, including better voice, movement sensors and multi-tasking capabilities.

Sebastian suggests that making use of PC components would have a number of benefits as compared to a typical silicon base. Though, it is a new thing, he believes that developers won’t have to work too hard on understanding this new technology ― they’re already well aware of the technicalities in a PC. Hence, the cost of production and sale price will be low too.

Microsoft released Xbox 360 for $399 in 2005, while Sony launched its PlayStation 3 for $499, after a year in 2006.

Sebastian also told the expected dates regarding the launch of both these gaming consoles. PS 4 is scheduled to be released in October, while Xbox 720 in November, this year.

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One Response to "PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720: Launch Date and Costs Explained"

  1. Jack Martin says:

    Personally I am much much much more excited for the XBox. They have been good to me for the past 8 years, while I feel like Playstation has had a lot of ups and downs. Too many downs, actually.

    I am not shocked by the prices, but that doesn’t mean I want to pay them. It just seems so crazy! Though considering all the things you can do through your xbox or PS these days (netflix etc), it’s not that bad of a bargain. But I’m not ready for that giant purchase yet. I will wait until prices drop, and coast around my friends’ houses until then ha.

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