Google Intends To Get Rid Of Passwords

Internet protectionEveryday cloud technology is taking over slowly and our tech life is getting quicker and easier. Everything comes with a price and so is cloud security. And our everyday friend, Google is now looking into a password free security solution that would relieve you from worrying about forgetting your passwords forever.

This innovative solution is the YubiKey, a tiny USB card made by Yubico. The YubiKey can sign a person into his Google account after being inserted into a device.

The vice president of Google, Eric Grosse and Mayank Upadhyay, a senior engineer gave the Wired magazine a sneak peek at a paper that is expected to be published in this month’s issue of the IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine.

The paper explains how the cryptographic card can log into Google services such as Gmail and Drive. Google had to make some modification to Chrome in order to let the card authenticate. After that, the card asked for no additional installation. Registration can be done in just a click.

They also have other ideas for a ‘smart ring’ or smart phones that can be used to authorize a new computer with a single tap. In case if your key is lost, the YubiKey login can be bypassed by various apps and temporary token codes can be issued.

From here it seems that the password free era Google’s been talking about might not be too far.

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