iPad Mini Frenzy Forces Sharp To Cut Back On iPad Screen Production

iPad Mini screenIt’s no doubt that these days iPad mini is the star player in the global tablet market. Most recently, Sharp, Apple’s screen maker has been forced to reduce the production of iPad to meet the overwhelming demand of its smaller counterpart, iPad mini.

According to two sources, one of Sharp’s Japanese plants located in Kameyama was forced to cut the 9.7 inch iPad screens and shift their attention to the 7.9 inch screens for iPad mini. It’s still unclear though exactly what is the cause behind this downtrend, the holiday rush or, consumers are actually leaning towards the smaller pads.

Both Sharp and Apple refused to respond.

Sharp is one of the 3 display manufactures that Apple buys its iPad screens from. The other two are LG Display Co. & Samsung. They too didn’t make any comment.

The iPad mini was unveiled in last October with the price beginning at $329. And within 3 days of its launch in November, more than 3 million iPads were sold. (4th gen and mini)

Yesterday, cellular editions of both pads hit stores of China. The devices will be available in the Apple stores, online and also via authorized dealers. The Wi-Fi versions were released on December 7, just a week before iPhone 5 made its debut in the country.

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