Atari Files For Bankruptcy But Hopes To Stay Unbroken


Atari, an old player in game making, filed for bankruptcy in order to escape financial crisis of its French parent company, on Sunday night.

In a press release, Atari explained that it had filed for bankruptcy to separate itself from Atari S.A, previously called Infogrames. Atari was allied to it, since 2003. The company is looking for new owner who can buy its hit video game series, which includes: Pong, Breakout and Centipede. And most importantly, it is planning to sell its logo too, which is the most identifiable logo for gamers.

Atari’s new focus is smartphones and recently it was busy in converting its classic games for iOS and android devices. Atari greatest hits and Astroid Gunner are its new releases for mobile phones. It has also allowed Zynga to amend its ‘Breakout’ into ‘Super Bunny Breakout’ for mobile users.

Entering in mobile gaming proved to be profitable for Atari S.A., at least in 2011 and 2012. But, Los Angeles Timesreports that the company is still indebted.

Atari has a history of ups and downs. It was initiated by Nolan Bushnell in 1972 and back then it was only responsible for installing pong machines in different bars and businesses. Atari was responsible for popularizing video games in America and produced the most popular and cherished gaming console in America, known as Atari 2600.

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