Angry Birds Has 260 Million Players, Revealed Rovio

angry birds

Rovio Entertainment, Finnish gaming company and maker of very popular Angry Birds, revealed through a tweet that it has over 260 million active users.

Since this revelation was through a tweet, Rovio did not mention whether the figure referred to monthly users or daily users. Probably, it was hinting at monthly active users as it’s an industry standard. In October 2012, Andrew Stalbow, EVP of the company, said that Angry Birds has over 200 million active users, monthly. He was speaking at the Mipcom conference in Cannes, France. Stalbow also added that usually they have 20 to 30 million active users connected all the time. At that time, Zynga claimed to have 306 million users per month.

Rovio has only Angry Birds to its credit and it’s now three year old, but its popularity is still at peak. In November, company released a new episode in the gaming series known as Angry Birds Star Wars. Moreover, Angry Birds movie is also set to hit the cinemas in 2016.

Angry Birds is always appreciated for its engaging plot, funny character and cheap pricing. Its popularity among masses has caused it to enter in the gaming console market, computer games and even merchandizing industry. The game is regarded as the best game right now and the biggest success in terms of mobile apps throughout the world.


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