DNA: The Future Data Storage Medium

DNA Future Storage MediumResearchers at the ‘EMBL- European Bioinformatics Institute’ (EMBL-EBI) claim that human DNA has the potential to work as a storage medium. Deoxyribonucleic acid contains the genetic codes which define us as human and are responsible for the way we are. So, DNA is a heavily encrypted and an advanced storage facility that can contain tons of biological data and varieties in such little space.

The (EMBL-EBI) scientists say that they have already achieved great success in reading data from DNA but the tricky part is to insert whatever data we want to store in it. They can only use the short stings of the DNA to encode but, as the DNA letters repeat, it becomes absolutely difficult to write data and read them.

Nick Goldman and Ewan Birney from EMBL-EBI said that this breakthrough could result one day into us using a cup of DNA to store roughly 100 million hours of high def video.

Goldman also mentioned the contribution of Agilent Technologies, a leading bio analytics instrument manufacturer. Agilent Technologies helped to imprint data into the DNA. They put Shakespeare’s sonnets via a .txt file, 1 .pdf file that shows Francis Crick’s and James Watson’s original paper explaining DNA structure, a MP3 of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech made by Martin Luther King and a file explaining the encoding system itself.

Goldman said that this code will be error tolerant and in molecular form. In specific conditions the data will last for thousands of years. Anyone can retrieve the data who can read DNA coding using a DNA reader machine.

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