Intel To Shut Down The Motherboard Business Soon

IntelAfter a 20 year legacy, Intel has decided to wind down its motherboard production for traditional desktop computers. Intel wants to shift its expertise to more futuristic sectors like mobile products, Ultrabooks, NUC and compact desktop units.

Intel’s motherboard production will see the end after the imminent release of Intel’s 4th generation Core processor named Haswell. This means that consumers will no longer be able to buy the ready to go motherboards after Haswell’s life cycle ends after 3 years or so.

Intel will still continue to sell NUC boards and kits. Products that are going out of the picture are the ATX motherboards that include both the Mini-ATX and the Micro-ATX models.

Many think that this move might put the future Tower PC systems in jeopardy. The real trouble would be for the Clone PC buyers and people who like to build their own customized systems. But desktop users won’t have to worry since the company is focusing on high performance compact desktops.

Intel thinks that this approach won’t bring much change since there are a good number of quality motherboard makers out there. Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Sapphire and others are more than capable to fill the gap made by Intel’s departure from the industry.

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