Vodafone Leads In Selling iPhone 4G in UK

Apple iphone in Three,O2 and VodafoneAfter O2 made their official announcement that at present it will sell the Apple iPhone 4G only to its existing customers, it might be a great opportunity for them who want to rival O2. Although these companies are remain silent regarding their stock levels.

Vodafone already started to promote themselves by claiming that they are offering the latest iPhone to everybody who wants to subscribe their network services. Which means new customers are also expected to get iPhone from their stores. Moreover they are offering an Apple handset to one and all.

On the other hand, this could be very disappointing to many loyal Vodafone customers, especially if they have to hang around to avail their most desired iPhone because of the new customers’ entry. When asked about the matter, the spokesman of Vodafone refuses to give any official statement on stock details.

As per the report, Three was the forthcoming Network Operator who will be selling iPhone in UK. The operator rejected to say anything on its strategy or stock levels, suggesting that, like O2, it could face a trouble to cope with the market demand of iPhone. Till now Orange gave no response to the query.

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